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Group Plus

P.O. Box: 502088
Phone: 04 390 3593
Fax: 04 368 6836
Description :

The very foundation and backbone of Group Plus is its team of dedicated professionals and their commitment to providing clients with the highest quality and most innovative media products in the industry, with special emphasis on outdoors.  Today Group Plus owns 90% of its billboard network -guaranteeing long-term efficiency and quality.

Our extensive experience with outdoors advertising, we beleive that it is better to own our billboards rather than act as representatives, which became our policy.  In addition to more than 2400 faces (4X3 billboards), exclusive street furniture, Wall murals, Rooftops, Giant signs, Unipoles, exclusivity at the Rafic Hariri Beirut International Airport and the Tourist guide our group also offers customized solution helping increase our clients’ communication reach… backed by strong regional support. 

In our excitement to reach our growth objectives and its consolidation, we seem to have placed our own branding on the back burner… until today.  Today we proudly launch our revamped corporate identity with our new brochure, Logo, colors and website, establishing Group Plus as an institution pursuing regional expansion and success.

Each and every one of our offices, is an independent entity that contributes to the whole which makes Group Plus more than just the sum of its individual parts… A group that is fully dedicated to the advertising industry across the region.