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P.O. Box: 502094
Phone: +971 4 390 2311-2-3, M:+971 50 559 69 59
Fax: +971 4 390 8034
Address: Dubai Media City, Bldg # 4, Dubai
Description :

Parapub International: started its business in the field of Outdoor Advertising in Beirut in the year 1992.  In 1993, it became the Sole Distributor for Lebanon of Metromedia Technologies, Inc. USA, known as MMT.

In four years time, Parapub spread out its sales to cover The Middle East and North Africa and in 2001 opened new offices in Dubai Media City.  The year 2005 witnessed the launching of MMT-Mena in Dubai, a fully owned Parapub International Production Facility that offers MMT’s undisputed Large - Scale Image Technology. 

MMT is the American Company that spearheaded unparalleled innovations in the world of Outdoor Communication.  Parapub International is overconfident to offer the MMT edge in providing turnkey Outdoor Solutions through the Large - Scale Digital Painting System – an MMT patented process that renders precise images, unequal in detail, definition and true-to-life color.  

MMT- Mena, a fully owned Parapub International Facility, is now operating in Dubai.  After the USA, Australia, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Brazil, India and Spain, Dubai is the new Hub of MetroMedia Technologies’ 8th worldwide plant, a Parapub International facility under the name of MMT-Mena.  MMT-Mena was born to serve both The Middle Eastern and North African markets. This operation comprises 2 of MMT’s patented unique Robotic Digital Paint Drums that are spinning 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to offer its customers the best imaging solution ever to the out-of-home advertising community. 

After several years of working hand in hand with Metromedia Technologies USA and the strong experience it has built in the field of Outdoor Advertising, Parapub International has taken this major step to provide its faithful clients with unprecedented image sharpness, color intensity and fidelity, quick delivery service, the best after sales follow-up, and most of all MMT’s distinguished dot-painting imaging technique that has significantly upgraded and revolutionized Outdoor Advertising Standards Worldwide. 

Parapub International specializes in creative achievements and executions covering all aspects of Outdoor Advertising, whether for front light, back light or self-adhesive use, in unlimited possibilities and sizes: 

-Wall Spectaculars in a single bound

-On-premise Signs

-Building and Scaffolding Wraps -Mesh / Open-Weave Displays

-Mega Freestanding Signs

-Construction Barricades

-Lamp Posts 

-Flag Poles

-Rooftops / Unipoles / Minipoles

-Theme Park Images

-Trade Show Exhibitions and many more…. 

In addition to offering the finest product in the industry in terms of quality and material, Parapub’s experienced installation professionals offer guaranteed service and minimal downtime in the execution of its projects.