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Trinet Outdoor

P.O. Box: 85165
Phone: +971 4 4539466
Fax: +971 4 4539466
Description :

Trinet Outdoor Advertising is providing comprehensive marketing consultation and creation of advertising campaigns for the advertising industry. It is our long-term goal to become THE preferred advertising company in the advertising field. Our firm is not interested in simply giving a service for our clients. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with them so that the delivery of their message becomes a seem less, thought-provoking experience that engenders.

Trinet Outdoor Advertising LLC has a proven track record in the delivery of best and luxury life style brands in the Middle East. It is further supported internationally by strategic partnerships developed over a number of years. The key strengths of the group include a combination of its commitment to its own people and customers alike by using creative management attributes and unique technology solutions.

Trinet Outdoor Advertising LLC portfolio of Out-of-home media tools includes a list of innovative technology and media concepts: ranging from giant scaffolding sites on busy thoroughfares, Unipoles, Rooftops, Wall banners branding opportunities and much more. We aim to help brands connect with their target consumers in captive environments, such as retail, transit, entertainment and office locations.